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There’s always crossfire.



Bob is like one of the most stereotypical names but how many bobs do you actually know


115/endless pictures of dean


115/endless pictures of dean



We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.

sherlock giving a eulogy 


"In a lot of ways Piper was my Trojan Horse. You’re not going to go into a network and sell a show on really fascinating tales of black women, and Latina women, and old women and criminals. But if you take this white girl, this sort of fish out of water, and you follow her in, you can then expand your world and tell all of those other stories. But it’s a hard sell to just go in and try to sell those stories initially. The girl next door, the cool blonde, is a very easy access point, and it’s relatable for a lot of audiences and a lot of networks looking for a certain demographic. It’s useful."

Jenji Kohan, Orange is the New Black show creator

even the show writers know that piper isnt as interesting


1x09 // 4x02 | Derek shoving Stiles up against bedroom doors at any age… 




i need to date a girl with the initials AG so we can carve SW+AG on benches

Those r my mums initials…,

say hello to your new dad. i see that your tumblr blog contains some vulgar language. you’re grounded